Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Importance of a Platform

Often authors believe that the only factor in becoming a success is their writing ability. I'd love to say this is so.

However, it's only half of the equation.

The other half is marketing. The current environment is extremely competitive; one only needs to look at Twitter feeds to see scores of authors advertising their books and trying to get the public to buy them.

So when an author submits a manuscript we like, our next question is: what's your platform?

Drake Valley Press commits to a three-month marketing and promotional campaign, centered around the book's launch. We follow that with a consistent effort to get the word to readers throughout the following year. But we know that our efforts will not be enough.

The author must have a way of reaching their readers and their fan base. It can be through Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, blogging, other social networking sites, and a combination of them all.

Years ago, we published a book where the author spent a small fortune advertising it for a month. Then promotional efforts dropped off. Needless to say, the book hasn't done well in the long stretch. It doesn't require deep pockets or paid advertising, but it does require a long-term commitment to reach as many readers and potential book buyers as possible.

When you are writing your book, ask yourself who is your target audience? Then ask yourself how you will reach that target audience over the long haul? Begin while you're writing to connect with those readers.

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  1. I innocently thought once that the hard part of writing was WRITING it....when really the biggest challenge is after the writing is done and you need to "get the word out". But it's all part of the journey. DVP provides the launching pad for the words.